Summer Camps 2022


Blast Off to Summer Toddler Camp

3...2....1....Blast off! Our first summer was out of this world. We voyaged into outer space, exploring planets and stars through the eyes of an astronaut. Toddlers enjoyed lots of hands-on activities and crafts as they launched into this camp.

Special Thanks to the Hunn Family

for sponsoring the Blast Off to Summer Toddler Camp!


Carnival Camp

Come one, come all! The "carny world" spiced up the summer for 20 Curious Kids. This half day camp was full of carnival experiences, games, and crafts. These activities are all STEAM based and also included robotics.

Survivor Camp

This all day camp was full of challenges and adventures testing survival skills and teaching about the great outdoors. Those who dared, joined the tribe a day packed full of STEAM explorations.

Special Thanks to Amy and Ron Leonard

for sponsoring the Survival Summer Camp.

Build It Camp

This camp was full of engineering activities and challenges with simple materials. Think. Develop an idea. Plan. Create. Try it out. Do. Do again. And again. Keep doing. Success! Our crew built together in a series of STEAM activities, including robotics.

Mad Scientist Toddler Camp

We got those rods stirring and flasks bubbling as we experimented like a mad scientist in a safe learning environment. Toddlers enjoyed lots of hands-on experiments, activities and crafts like no other.


Wild West Camp

Howdy partners! We rounded up all the cowboys and cowgirls for this Wild West Camp. The fun and games of the country were all wrapped into one with this camp full of STEAM explorations and robotics.

Special Thanks to Amy and Ron Leonard

for sponsoring the Wild West Summer Camp.

Rainforest Camp

This all day camp ventured into the exotic rainforest! Our safari was full of wild animal adventures, STEAM activities, robotics, and more. We got WILD!

Best of Summer Camp

We didn't let summer slip away without soaking up the very best of it. This camp included the best summer activities including tie-dye, homemade ice cream, and more. As always, the camp was full of STEAM activities and robotics.

Special Thanks to Pete's of Erie, Inc.

for sponsoring the Best of Summer Camp.

Super Heroes Toddler Camp

This camp allowed toddlers to explore their inner super hero and heroic talents. They created super hero masks and capes before they worked to earn a super hero badge through some risk-taking adventures, role play, and teamwork.