Curious Minds Discovery Zone is a children's museum founded on November 17, 2012, with the intent to bring education and entertainment opportunities to children in the Southeast Kansas region.  A hands-on approach to learning is encouraged to help children explore their world.  The museum was founded by a group of parents that collaborated to bring our children learning opportunities by touching and exploring the exhibits.  

CMDZ is a children's museum that encourages learning through hands on creativity, experimentation, and problem-solving development within a safe and fun environment.  It is a non-profit exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes.  CMDZ was in business for eight years at the downtown location.  In October 2020 CMDZ was able to open the doors at the 1610 S. 21st Street in Parsons, Kansas location.  This bigger building allows for more exhibits and the addition of outdoor exhibits.    

CMDZ is located 100 miles from any other museum exclusively for children.  Children and their guardians can play and explore as they move around the museum's science and pretend play exhibits.  Children expand their imaginations as they interact with the pretend play stations of which include a doctor/dentist office, grocery store, restaurant, and farm area.  Kids are encouraged to explore the world around them in the science center filled with microscopes, magnifying glasses, rocks, fossils, and shells.  They can learn about engineering and simple machines as they experiment with pullies and balancing scale.  Children can use their hands constructing with Legos, rearranging train tracks, or creating a path on our magnetic ball run wall.  For those with energy to burn, kids can get their wiggles out with the interactive EyePlay floor.  Older kids (4th grade and up) have their own dedicated Makerspace area that allows them to explore electronic Legos and robotic coding.  The littlest of kids have a designated area just for them, as well, where they can safely crawl and walk about our baby sensory friendly area.  

Board Members

Courtney Stangle- President

Julie Legler- Vice-President

Sarah Hunn- Secretary

Kirby Ray- Treasurer

Ben Cochran

Tracy Gilmore

Jessica LaForge

Cam Salyers

Dan VanLeeuwen


Mandi Campmier-  Executive Director

Email:  mandi@cmdzparsons.com

Kayan Myers- Donor Relations Director

Email:  kayan@cmdzparsons.com

Mandy Ryan- Program Supervisor

Email: mandy@cmdzparsons.com 

Becky Falke-  Guest Service and Exhibit Supervisor

Email:  becky@cmdzparsons.com