We have a friendly competion between CMDZ Board and CMDZ Staff.  Starting Friday, September 8 till 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 30 we will be collecting donations to see who will get slimed at our CMDZ Day of Play.  We cannot be part of the Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of play and not have someone get slimed.  Below you will find the participants for the two teams. 


CMDZ Board

Ben Cochran

Ben is the CMDZ Boards fearless leader as he serves as the Board President. He has been part of the board for the past 7 years  

Tracy Gilmore

Tracy is one of the original dedicated and creative Board members and currently serves as the Boards Vice President.

Dan VanLeeuwen

Dan had a dream and it is because of this dream CMDZ is going to celebrate 11 years in operation this November.



Becky Falke

Mrs. Becky should not need an introduction if you have been in the museum.  She has been the Director of CMDZ for the past 10 1/2 years.

Kayan Myers

Kayan is our money girl as she works her magic on getting grants and donations for the musuem.  Make sure to come check out our outdoor space over the next few months as she has secured the funds for some amazing additions!

Mandy Ryan

Mandy is the newest addition to our CMDZ Dream Team!  She reads, dances, sings, and helps kids with experiments.  You can join her for our weekly programs on Thursdays and Fridays.

Special thank you to Sam Grant of GM Custom Creations for designing and donating our slime shirts.